Welcome to Beth Jacob
High School of Denver!

We’re the only Torah-based high school for girls in the Rocky Mountain West. We’re also known as Bais Yaakov Denver (BYD).

Since 1968 our students from across the United States and from over nine countries around the world have been welcomed into a warm, nurturing and academically rich setting.

Offering each and every girl the foundation for a life imbued with Torah ideals and practices has been the consistent hallmark of Bais Yaakov Denver’s educational experience.  Our exceptional graduates combine their academic achievement in addition to raising Jewish families and building and sustaining Torah observant communities.

Mission Statement

To prepare young Jewish women to live committed lives in contemporary society in accordance with the Torah’s ideals.

Our School In Numbers

Years of Education
Highly Qualified Teachers
BYD gave me a vision of what I could become.

Rachel Menora Klein, Class of 1983
Chicago, IL / Jerusalem, Israel